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About Us:


The Answer Is...

"Yes, We do that" If it's part of a house we can fix it or build it. Our experts are skilled in carpentry, electrical, plumbing, roofing, windows, siding... and the list goes on. Yes, we do that!

Our Beginnings

We started by  working with real estate agents who needed help getting repairs done in order to satisfy buyers, sellers and lenders before closing. That's a lot of customers to satisfy. It seems we have made alot of friends because word spread like wildfire and we grew.

By Referral Only

We have never spent a dime on advertisement. Instead, we rely on our satisfied customers to spread the word. We don't ask them to but they keep us busy anyway. Contact us when you need home improvement and repair, interior or exterior renovation or remodeling.

Never Too Busy

It doesn't matter if your job is really small or really large. Maybe you just have a quick  question. We answer the phone and we return calls, emails or texts.  We do what we promise, we do it on time and we do it right. Seems like this should all go without saying but we said it anyway. 

For Realtors

Much of our business is completing repairs listed on repair addenda. We have  a better grasp of the needs of your transaction than any other company. Our founder and General Manager has been a licensed (and productive) real estate agent for over 25 years. Want to avoid the dreaded FHA reinspect? Keep a VA appraiser happy? Close on time? We can help!

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